Get To Know My Teacher – He’Ll Save You A Lot Of Heartache And Cash


Get To know my teacher – He’Ll Save You a lot of heartache and Cash black mondayonline businessstock market cras

I have a wonderful teacher.

In fact, you know him.

I’ll tell you his name a little later.

For now, all you need to know is that this teacher knows everything.

When I say everything, I mean…everything.

How does he know all these things?

Every single thing that’s ever happened in the past, my teacher knows about… without exception.

Simple – he’s been around a long time.

I call upon my teacher once in a while and, when I remember.

And, whether in business or just life in general, when I take heed of the lessons he teaches me I know I’m less likely to make mistakes… especially the same one I’ve made in the past.

Don’t get me wrong… he doesn’t know everything.

For a start, he can’t tell me with absolute certainty what’s going to happen in the future.

Nobody can.

Only God knows that.

Anyway, let me give you an example of where I messed up a few times…

In my online business, when I ignored what ever my teacher told me, I did the same things over and over again.

By that, I mean the same things that were bringing me no results.

And by doing those same things, guess what happened?


I got no results.

On the flipside, when I listened to my teacher and abandoned those things which did not work, more often than not, the results changed.

Not always – like I said, he doesn’t know everything that’s going to happen – my teacher.

My teacher can also teach me things others do.

For example, do you remember Black Monday?

It was the day the stock market crashed on October 19, 1987.

I remember it… vividly.

And I haven’t forgotten.

A couple of years ago I warned some people against buying property.

I reminded them that what happened before Black Monday was exactly what was happening then.

I didn’t mean the inner mechanics – just the fact the prices of everything was going way too high.

And, when things go too high up too quickly, there’s only one way to go…


They didn’t listen and bought property.

And now they have property worth less than they bought them for.

That happened within a few months of them buying them.

I think we all know what happened there, don’t we.

So, back to my teacher.

I recommend him to everybody, without exception, because I know there’s no-one in the entire world who would not benefit from his knowledge.

His name?