How To Figure Out What’S Wrong With Your Headline


How To Figure Out What’S Wrong With Your Headline copywritingcopywritingfish on a hookhow to do copywritinghow to write headlines

In 1998, when I went for my first major I.T. Job interview, one of the questions I was asked was, “You have a computer and it’s not working.  It powers up, and then just stalls.  How do you figure out what’s wrong?”

I was fairly new to the world of computers at that level so I gave the interviewer the answer I felt was the best.

I told him I would take everything off the computer’s motherboard and only leave on the absolute bare essentials which make a computer work – the motherboard itself, the CPU (brain) and the memory (after all, what are we without memories?).

Attach it to the monitor and that should be enough the get the system powered up and running.

If the problem persisited, I’d know it’s the CPU, the memory or the slots in the motherboard, and it’s just a matter of replacing one of three components.

Not difficult.

If it did power up and work, then I would put back the rest of the components back one at a time.

As each part goes in seperately, if the machine stops working, you know where the problem is and you replace it.

How is that relevant to copywriting?

Well, think about this…

You have a headline that’s not pulling anything.

You decide to change the complete headline altogether.

How on earth are you going to know whether it was the whole headline which sucks, or just one single word, or even letter?

By changing a word here or a letter there and testing it each time, you get a better picture of what works and what doesn’t.

In that way you make changes and you test.

You make changes and you test.

After you’ve done all that, and you’ve gotten rid of all the faulty ‘components’ of your headline, you arrive at one which works together with all the other components.

And, hopefully, you should have a headline that works and reels in the sales like a fish on a hook.

Or, at least, it gets the rest of the sales letter read.


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