How To Make Crazy Commissions Without A Website Or Product


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In 2003, when things online were a lot easier, a guy by the name of Chris Carpenter wrote an ebook he called Google Cash.

Google Cash was only 87 pages long, but the information contained revolutionized affiliate marketing.


Well, Chris proved that you could actually put an affiliate link DIRECTLY into an Adwords ad and make crazy commissions without a website or product.

After spreading the word for a couple of years, the Google slapped that method and put an end to it.

Direct linking was dead.

And Chris’s competitors laughed, claiming his techniques were old hat.

However, Chris carried on, even though everyone else criticized his ‘prehistoric’ methods.

I mean, let’s face it, in internet terms 2003 is ancient.

But … guess what …

Chris just showed me a private video where he is doing the same direct linking campaigns… but with of Clickbank…

And he’s making tons of cash.

To be precise…

…he’s got 26,000 links!

So, don’t even think direct linking is dead because this video proves otherwise.

Check it out:

Chris has quietly been making HUGE sums of money for years, with DIRECT Linking…

…the easiest form of affiliate marketing known to mankind…

Even though he’s been showing everyone how to do it he’s still churning out…

$30,000 a month on autopilot

Why bother with landing pages when you can make money this easily?

Watch this video and you’ll be on your way to a making fortune track with direct linking!

Chris has just made his video public so you can see for yourself how easy it is.

He has a new computing software called the Detective which basically reveals everything about profitable PPC campaigns.

You can see it here:

Check it to see how the Detective software helps you to find and clone long-term, successful affiliate marketing campaigns within seconds.

Remember, if you don’t use this information, your competitors will.