Is Frank Kern’S Mass Control A Lesson In Deception?


Is frank kern’s Mass Control a Lesson In Deception? internet businessfrank kernmass control

I just had a telephone conversation with a copywriting colleague and here’s how it went…more or less:

Me: Have you been watching Frank Kern’s videos?

Him: I bought it last night.

Me: You bought it?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Excellent.  I was gonna suggest it.

Him: Because I’ve got several lists which I don’t earn bugger all from.  I’ve actually got 3000 names on one list.

Me: I was actually going to suggest it…

Him: What’s that?

Me: Buying it.  See I heard some of this before and I thought Frank was just deceiving people with his methods.  I realise now you can deceive people if you choose to .

Him: Well, that’s like any persuasion method.

Me: Exactly.  What I realised, after listening to it again, all the guy has done is basically he’s found out how to tap into human nature.  That’s all he’s done:  He’s found out how to appeal to the average person.

Him: Yeah.

Me: Or how to appeal to other people in his group, for want of a better word.

Him: He’s the small town boy done good.  Made good.

Me: Yeah.  And he appeals to that crowd, doesn’t he?

Him: Exactly.

Me: That’s no different from anything else… basically when he says something like ‘you’ve gotta have affinity with people’ that’s what all of us want, anyway.  Don’t we?

Him: Yeah.

Me: So, there is actually nothing wrong with what he’s doing.  It’s not a deception, but only if you want to deceive people.  Basically, I think when I said I felt that with his stuff when you use his stuff it’s deceiving people… Now when I think about, it I think I was wrong.

Him: Oh, right.  You’re gonna have to send an email to apologise.

Me: I will.  In fact, I might even write an article and point him to it, saying that.  I mean, I’m not an affiliate or anything, but it would be a heck of an article to write, wouldn’t it?

Him: Yeah.  On twitter Jeff Walker said, or somewhere on twitter, I read he made $4 million yesterday.

Me: Who, Jeff Walker?  Oh, Frank? Oh, yeah, I’m not surprised.  That’s not surprising at all…

And the conversation deteriorated after that into idle banter.

Well, actually it didn’t… we began talking business.

But, you get the gist of the conversation.

Do I like Frank’s Mass Control?


Am I an affiliate?

I wish.

If you want to get this, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t after that glowing endorsement, here’s the link:

And, like I said, I’m not an affiliate so I don’t get paid a penny.

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