The Least Understood Success Concept


The missing word in all the discussions I’ve ever
seen about success is – honor.

Yet, honor is a basic principle which underlies all

For instance:

To be a successful human being you must first
honor yourself. You can’t honor anything or anyone
without the deepest respect and honor of yourself.

To succeed as a human being, you must also honor
your loved ones. Your friends and your family.

As an entrepreneur it’s crucial to honor your
employees, suppliers, and your customers.

In fact, honor plays a significant role in all
your actions.

As with all great things in life, it occurs in
very simple ways.

Here are some examples of the role of honor:

* You honor and keep your word to those with
whom you interact

This means your dealings with all humans is based
on honor

* You honor your product or service, and make
sure it is at least 10 times better than your
advertising promises

It’s not always an easy path. But the rewards for
living a life of honor are huge


Your inner feelings of self-worth and self-esteem
will rise to a whole new level

* Your growing reputation will help you attract the
most outstanding people in all the important areas
of your life

* Your business will attract customers who respect
you at the very highest level and become raving
fans for life

* You’ll become a magnet which will enable you to
attract any amount of financing you’ll ever need or

* You’ll enjoy your relationship with children and
grandchildren who will respect and honor you

* Most importantly, you’ll attract the most
desirable and appealing romantic partner you could
ever want

Now let me ask you this.

Do you feel the foregoing benefits are worth the
discipline involved in living a life of honor?

If you honestly feel the answer is yes and act
accordingly, you will determine any level of success
you choose in business. And in life.

Your correspondent,

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