Think Like The Monkey To Give Him What He Wants


Think like the monkey To Give Him What He Wants copywritingmarketingmarketingresearch

I saw this programme on TV a few months ago, about a wild life sanctuary.

In this sanctuary they had these monkeys who refused to eat any of the plants they were given.

The caretakers of the animals knew these monkeys diet consisted of leaves, so they gave them plenty of different types of leaves.

However, the monkeys wouldn’t touch any of them.

So they called in a local guide who knew what to do.

He went into the forest and brought out a whole bundle of leaves — of one particular variety.

As soon as these leaves were left in the cage, the monkeys jumped at them and started to munch them down.

It sure was a site to see, these monkeys chomping on these leaves like they were a delicacy.

And, to them, it was.

You see, the caretakers thought they knew what types of leaves the monkeys like, but they were wrong.

Why were they wrong?

Well, you see, it was because they were giving the monkeys what THEY thought the monkeys liked.

They weren’t thinking like the monkeys.

They didn’t do enough research to find out what the monkeys’ diet consisted of — what type of leaves the monkeys like.

What the caretakers needed to do was to think like the monkeys.

And, in order to do that, they needed to do their research — something the local had done.

He’d been there all his life and had seen the type of leaves the monkeys like.

So he knew exactly what to give them.

The fact is, we all know bananas taste better than leaves…

And that monkeys like bananas…



We assume, just because we prefer the taste of the bananas, so do the monkeys.

We assume, just because some monkeys like bananas, all monkeys like bananas.

So, we just give them bananas and all types of leaves.

However, we could give those monkeys all the delicacies we want…

But they’ll only be delicacies to US, not to the monkeys.

So, in order to get the monkeys to take the food, we have to give them what THEY like, not what WE like.

And, in order to give the monkeys what they like, we have to think like those monkeys.

And the only way to be able to think like the monkeys is by doing our research in to their feeding habits.

What’s all that got to to do with marketing?

Well, think about it…

If we keep making and offering products we think will sell, how likely are we to succeed?

Not very… unless we’re lucky.

In order sell products to our prospects, we have to give them what THEY want, not what WE want.

And, in order to find out what they want, we need to research the market and find out the needs, wants and desires of our target market.

Only then can we get a any idea of what our prospects would be willing to buy off us.

Till next time.


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