Time To Make Some Monee


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Time To Make Some Monee

I’m sitting here reading yet another email from Ken McCarthy, an old guy telling me how to make monee on the ole-web.

I figure he must be old as he keeps going on about how he’s been making monee online since before anyone else… and how he’s taught more guroos than anyone else.

The email I’m reading contains links to f-ree audio interviews he’s done with leading experts in their field.

Each one of these is nearly an hour long and literally complete courses in themselves.

The one I’m listening to right now is by a guy who is a world class traffic conversion and testing expert – and the only one certified by Google outside the US to teach web site optimizer.

He is basically giving away secrets to how he gets the amazing results he gets for f-f-ree.

And a guy by the name of Ben Hunt who is an expert in web page design and the goto guy for thousands of web designers from all over the world.

Now, the really good news is, these guys will be speaking at the System Intensive UK seminar in London next month.

That’s November 15th and 16th, 2008.

But, here’s the crunch, if you want to take advantage of the payment plan to get on this course you’ll need to book today, Sunday 12th October.

If you’ve been procrastinating, now’s the time to take advantage of it and register now.


System Intensive UK

All the best,


There will be a lot of brand new material, particularly relevant to today’s market conditions.

Ken says there’s nothing like it being offered anywhere else in the Internet marketing world.

And once it’s over, it’s over. It won’t be repeated.

If you’re a serious Internet marketer, to miss this event could be one of the biggest mistakes of your career.


He’s already sold enough seats to make the whole effort very worthwhile for him.

Another seat filled won’t make a difference to him either way

But it could make a life-changing difference to you.

System Intensive UK