Why Blog?


Why Blog? uncategorized

Out of all the things I have tried personally, there is one thing which brings in more natural traffic than anything else…

… Content.

And the content which has brought me more traffic than any other is the content I have on my blogs.

A blog is a wonderful tool, both for marketers and for the average person who just wants to have a presence on the web.

Specifically for marketers, a blog can be a means of providing information, and for selling products.

In effect, the content on a blog can be utilised as a sales page.

This is also a very good reason why it is a good idea to learn copywriting.

In fact, it’s essential for anyone utilising their blog for business to learn copywriting.

For, what may seem like idle ramblings to the average person, the correct wording can mean the difference between that reader ordering a product directly or indirectly from that site… or not.

When you think about it, a blog is an amazing tool.

When we want to make a sale on the internet, what do we do?

We write a sales letter.

Or, we get someone to write one for us.

And then we have to drive traffic to that page where, hopefully, the sales letter will be convincing enough to convert that traffic into sales.

The fabulous thing about a blog is, anything we write on there, if it’s decent content, can be a sales letter.

Plus if we know what we’re doing, every single article we write can be a sales letter.

Now, I’ve mentioned a few times about how fabulous I think a blog is and this is why…

A blog is constantly updated with fresh content…

And what are search engines always looking for?

You guessed it… fresh content.

The more regular the content and the more unique it is, the better the chances of your blog being listed.

And if you happen to attract visitors who comment on your blog, all the better as their comments also help to increase search engine rankings for search phrases.

You also have other bloggers with same or similar interests who may visit your site and comment.

They may even write posts on their own blogs about something you’ve written and link back to your original post, thus increasing link-backs to your site.

Those link-backs not only increase search engine rankings, but they also increase the traffic to your site.

Even sites which are not blogs may link back to your site if they have similar interests or are promoting something similar to your content.

One method for increasing traffic which I have personally only just recently begun to utilise is RSS feeds.

I’ve seen feeds from my sites on numerous other sites, whether intentionally by people interested in my content or sites which pull content from my site automatically.

Either way, they link back to my site, thus sending me even more traffic.

On some of my sites I also have an automatic announcement set up.

What this does is, every time I make a new post, my autoresponder sends out a short email to my subscribers informing them of it.


More traffic.

I know of quite a few online businesses whose main source of income is a blog.

One such marketers is Yaro Starak of Blog Mastermind.

Yaro makes a six-figure income as a direct result of running his blog which you can check out here Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

As well as earning a six-figure income from what you can see on that site, Yaro teaches others how to earn a six-figure incomes by doing the same here Membership Site Masterplan.

It’s really a very simple business model where he blogs about… blogging.

You can see on his site he has several advertising spaces he ‘rents’ out for a regular income, and he also writes reviews on various products he promotes.

When you think about it, all he does is write a few articles on his blog, and that’s all he really needs to do make a more than comfortable living.

Just imagine the additional income he has coming in from teaching others.

I do more or less the same on my on sites, except I don’t hold courses on blogging… which doesn’t mean to say I don’t teach anything.

You can check out my internet marketing blog here Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed for a decent education on marketing both online and off.

I currently have a serialisation going on of Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising in both written and audio.