Why There Are So Many Gurus About?


Why There Are so Many Gurus About? 30dcbusinessthirty day challenge30dcguruinternet businessoffline businessthirty day challenge

Before I begin this article I want to point out that I’m no different.

I’m not immune to any of the things I will say here.

Maybe the name of this blog is wrong, or maybe it’s all part and parcel of the same things, but this is a rant.

I have a few rants and I’m guilty of them all.

My question is, why are there so many gurus, online and offline?

Well, the fact is, we made them.

That’s right, the little guy such as myself and the rest of the majority of wannabe gurus who litter the internet and, to a lesser extent, the offline business world.

You see, we need to tell ourselves there are these experts out there who can teach us everything they know.

Okay, that part is probably true as there are plenty of people who could teach us – even people who don’t practice what they preach.

Let’s face it, Angelo Dundee was never a champion boxer even in the loosest sense of the word, and yet he trained Muhammad Ali, probably the best all-round scientific heavyweight boxer ever (in my opinion, anway).

So, it makes sense you don’y need to be a doer to teach others how to do as long as you KNOW HOW to do it.

However, the fact is, it’s not enough that a person knows exactly what to do, the ins and outs of a business.

It’s not enough that, if we do exactly as they say, we could most probably become just as successful and wealthy as any other business-man or woman, online or off.

There’s one factor that absolutely HAS to be present in order for us to BELIEVE this person knows what he or she is talking about, and has the chops to deliver what it is we are after.

Do you know that what that factor is?

It’s money.

The ‘guru’ in question has to charge a ton of cash.

Not a few dollars.

Sometimes not even a few hundred dollars.

And certainly not ‘nothing’.


You’re kidding, right?

If it’s free it must be worthless.

In fact, the more they charge the more we believe they know what they’re talking about and, thus, they will be able to make us ‘rich like them’.

Forget the fact that the material they teach is no different to something you could buy off Amazon for a few dollars.

Hey, I know because I’ve bought courses on copywriting which turned out to be no better and, in fact, inferior to some of the books I’ve bought on the same subject.

In fact, I’ve just recently bought a fourth edition copy of Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.

It cost me $18 total from the Unites States, including postage and packing.

And I’m in the U.K.

Guess what?

That book is better than a lot of the high ticket courses available.

In fact, it’s a book people like John Carlton and Ken McCarthy rave about.

I’ve also got the fifth edition of the same book which I bought last year – I think that cost me about £12 from Amazon.

Other books I have on copywriting and advertising include Ogilvy On Advertising, 20 Ads That Shook The World, Confessions of An Advertising Man, The Elements of Style and a few other books which probably cost less than £100 in total.

In fact, the most expensive written course I have on copywriting is an original version of How to Convert White Space into Advertising That Sells by Clyde Bedell which my brother bought for me.

Oh, I also have an original first edition of Public Speaking as Listeners Like It! by Richard C. Borden – Cost?  $18.

Those are a few of my books and I have a few more.

I also have some of the more expensive ‘guru’ courses.

Guess what?

They’re no better but cost at least 50 times the price of any one of my books.

Will that stop me buying them?

I sincerely hope so.

I think I’ve been around a little too long to get ‘taken’ again.

Alas, I fear not… probably.

The fact is, I wasn’t ‘taken’.

I searched out these more expensive courses because I felt they MUST be better.

I’m not the only one to do so… I wasn’t the only one… and I will not be the only one in future.

The fact is, there may be people who read this very post, agree with everything I say, and still go looking  for the more expensive guru courses.

Well, good luck to them.

The fact is, if they actually follow them there’s a chance they will succeed whether it’s the $10,000 course, or the $20 book.

However, the gurus will always be in business because we want them to be.

And, if ever they all went bust, we will invent more of them.

We’ll throw money at whoever is willing to take it, just so we feel we’re getting the best there is out there.

It’s not the gurus’ fault.

I mean, if someone was willing to pay you thousands for your knowledge, would you turn it down just because you know your knowledge is freely available?

I doubt it.

So enough with the guru bashing.

If you don’t like what they do you don’t have to pay them to do it.

You may want to become a ‘guru’ yourself some day.

Meanwhile, I’m getting on with one of the best beginners business course available on the internet… and it’s completely free.

What is it?

The thirty day challenge, of course.