Why Would I Make This Up?


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Why Would I Make This Up?

In case you thought I was kidding about people coming over from America for this, take a look at an email I received from Ken yesterday.


Dear fellow marketer,

I never imagined myself saying this, but here goes…

If you want to be on the very cutting edge of Internet marketing – regardless of where you live – you’re going to want to get on a plane and fly to London this November.

Not New London, Connecticut or London, Ontario…I’m talking about London, England.

It doesn’t matter what the air fares are…how long the flight is…or the fact that London is the most expensive city in the world.

If you’re a serious Internet marketer I’m doing something there you can’t afford to miss…

It’s a high level, small group training called the System Intensive (already tested in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Vancouver.)

It’s designed not only to bring you up-to-date on the state-of-the-art in Internet marketing, but also to show you how to use the Internet to build a bullet-proof business.

(As my long time clients know, I saw the current economic crisis coming from a mile away and when I say “bullet-proof” I mean developing a solid business designed to weather anything the market can throw at you.)

What makes this particular Intensive so remarkable are the three experts who’ve agreed to join in:

* Dr. Karl Banks – A former rocket scientist who is the only non-American that Google has certified to teach its in-house tracking and testing tools and techniques to the public.

* Ben Hunt – If you’re a cutting edge web designer (or if you’re using one), you already know his work. It’s very rare for Ben to come out from behind the screen to share the details of his methods.

In terms of sheer concentrated marketing firepower, I’m not sure this team can be surpassed on either side of the Atlantic.

They all happen to be Brits which means if you live anywhere else, the odds of you catching any one of these three live – let alone all three in one place at the same time – are slim to none.

It’s been a long time since I’ve offered a small group training like this…and when you add these guest experts to the equation, joining us in the UK just makes sense.

If you’ve never been to London, it’s one of the best and most fun cities in the world.

If you want info on the UK Intensive and sign up for the free pre-Intensive training go here:

System Intensive UK

Ken McCarthy

It’s amazing how much things have changed there in a few short years.

A case can be made that not only has the UK equaled the US in Internet marketing prowess, it might have even exceeded it in certain areas.

One thing is measurable…more money is spent per capita in the UK on Internet advertising in the UK than in the US.

If I had my pick of an all-UK “dream dream,” on that represents the very best of the UK Internet marketing scene, these three would be it.

Will this ever particular event ever be repeated?

If you know my record, you already know the answer. I don’t like repeating myself.

If you miss it, you’ll just have to make do with the stories you’ll hear about it from the people who were smart enough to be there.

Just talking with these guys on the phone has already been a major marketing IQ boosting experience for me…and we haven’t even started the Intensive get

Get the free Pre-Intensive training here and see what I’m talking about:

System Intensive UK