You Almost Missed Out, Didn’T You…


You Almost Missed Out, Didn’T You… copywritingmarketingcopywritingjohn carltonmarketing

Can you believe the buzz surrounding that simple writing system blog put up a few days ago by copywriting legend John Carlton?

Today is especially sensational: Tellman Knudsen — one of the Web’s most brilliant marketers — challenged John to put his reputation on the line… and apply a little of this simple system to a limp, under-performing site…

… and then Tellman tested hard.

During the worst week in US financial history, no less.

The whole thing is on video. The first go-over of the site… and, a week later, the results.

You are gonna freak when you see what happened. This was raw, live marketing theater at its best. Do or die.

You can see this webinar for nothing, too. It’s just up there, waiting for you.

As well as a whole bunch of other shocking (and dangerously-good) interviews and webinars and case studies from students…

… who experienced equally earth-shaking results in their own businesses during the last Simple Writing System at-home coaching session.

It’s a Who’s-Who of online marketing superstars, and everyday entrepreneurs… all getting down and dirty with John on the honest truth behind marketing success on the Web.

People are understandably stunned by what they’re seeing. These are the top marketers in the game… just laying it all out there.

Specific tactics, targeted advice, even detailed examples of sites and sales copy.


And you can get uncensored, full access just for opting in. It’s like a VIP pass behind the scenes in Marketing Heaven.

It’s all part of John’s evil plan to share lucrative secrets and the fundamentals of his Simple Writing System with you.

But these webinars won’t be up much longer…

… there’s a clear schedule, and they’re all coming down very soon. In just days, actually.

So get over there now, while everything is still available. (Killer “Making The Sale” reports, by John, are waiting for you, too.)
What are you waiting for? This is a personal invitation, from me to you…

… to get over there as soon as you can hit this link:

You haven’t seen this much insider sharing before, ever. It’s just shockingly good stuff.

I’m going back myself for more (cuz it’s been updated daily all week). This is too good to miss.

See you over there.